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Leak Detection

Vinyl Liner Leak Detection

The equipment that we use finds leaks by putting a small electrical charge into the pool water, then tracking the flow of electricity as it makes connections to the ground through conductive penetrations in the liner. This technology is effective on any water containing vessel with and electrically insulating shell (i.e. vinyl, fiberglass, etc.)

Pressure Testing for Plumbing

J&J Services will perform a complete pressure test of all underground plumbing to confirm that the leak is on the underground plumbing.
Each line will be tested individually at 20 PSI. During the pressure test if any line does not hold pressure this is an indication of a broken pipe or cracked fitting.
Pressure testing is a very time and labor-consuming test. Pressure test sometimes requires cutting some part of circulation plumbing to be able to install the pressure testing plugs or to bypass filters, pumps and heaters that could affect testing results.

  • Once it is determined that there is a damaged line, we can then use a Geophone to pinpoint where the problem(s) is.
    • The Geophone accurately locates leaks in buried plumbing lines that have been pressurized with air. It is entirely mechanical, transmitting leak sounds and vibrations directly to your ears through a stethoscope type headpiece. By moving the sensing heads over the path of the pressurized line you determine where the loudest sound is to pinpoint the leak. This no frills listening device has been an industry staple for over 30 years



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