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Additional Pool Services

Pool Openings (Summerizations)

Let us make your pool operational for the season. We will remove your winter cover, install any ladders, handrails, diving boards, etc., hook up filtration system, lubricate o-rings, and check equipment. We will run the equipment if the water level is high enough.
We do not offer cleaning, water balancing, or treatments. We recommend taking a water sample into your local pool store, such as Dover Pools.

Pool Closings (Winterizations)

As sad as it is that the season has come to an end, we can winterize your pool for you. Our winterizations include putting on the winter cover, removing any ladders, hand rails, diving boards, etc., winterizing the pump, filter, heater, slide, fountains, etc., and winterizing the plumbing.
Winter chemicals are not included. We recommend picking them up from your local pool store, such as Dover Pools, and add as instructed the day before we perform winterization services.

Pool Inspections

Are you looking to sell your home that has a pool? Show potential buyers that your pool is ready for them. Are you looking to buy a home that already has a pool? Let us check it out for you so you know what you are buying. Our multi point inspection covers every aspect of the pools filter system, heater, plumbing, deck, finished surface, etc... So you can be sure of what's in the back yard.

Water Storage

We know that having water trucked in to refill your pool AND having to buy all the chemicals needed to turn that water into pool water can be very expensive and time consuming! That is why we have the ability to save your water using Bladders while changing your pool liner or doing repairs that require emptying the pool!


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