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Did You Know

Did you know:

  • That excessive hand or wrist jewelry should be removed before playing.
  • Dirty billiard balls will wear out your table cloth or felt faster? Well, they will...and that is the reason why it is so important to clean your billiard balls regularly.
  • Amateur trick shot attempts should be discouraged. Each time a tip of a cue is dug into the table after that impressive jump shot, it creates a potential tear in the cloth.
  • When chalking your cue, do not do it over the table - lingering dust can eat its way into the cloth.
  • If you have a slate table, it is essential to make sure it is level. An unleveled slate will render your table useless for accurate play - even if it is off as little as a hair. Check if your table is level using a machinist level, or by rolling an object ball across it.


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